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Detailed info about SiteBuilder Elite’s options

SiteBuilder Elite


SiteBuilder Elite is a website authoring tool designed with affiliate and internet marketers in mind.

The software has nothing to do with WordPress or any other Content Management System (CMS) and plugins for those platforms will not work with the software.

Instead, SiteBuilder Elite builds traditional, static websites rather  than blogs. There are several advantages to taking this approach:

  • traditional sites don't need to be kept constantly alive with new content as blogs do (though you can do this with SiteBuilder Elite if you want);
  • all the functionality is built into the software whereas you'd have to buy a variety of plugins to use with a CMS to achieve the same thing;
  • the overheads involved are less (smaller amount of disk space used, no need for a database) and there's less to go wrong (plugins frequently encounter problems on WordPress for example because they conflict with new versions of other plugins or a new version of WordPress causes problems for existing plugins);
  • and finally because you can build a site much faster with SiteBuilder Elite.


How To Use This Manual

The manual is broken down into sections (categories). In each section are a number of pages providing more information on topics on that section.

First select the section (category) you're intersted in, in the site navigation menu. Whenever you select a category, the links at the top of the menu will change - these are the pages that are specific to that category. Then select the link from that list for the topics tou want to know more about.


What Does SiteBuilder Elite Do?

It builds multi-page complete ready-to-go websites for you virtually instantaneously. Each page has an article and a mixture of dynamic content. The pages can be monetized in a variety of ways.


What Features Does It Provide?

Quite a few - some automatic, some turned on and off at your discretion by ticking/unticking boxes or selecting values drom dropdown boxes.

Automatic Features:

  • Automatically includes a Privacy Policy page and a Terms of Service (TOS) page. Google loves these.
  • Sites have a Site Search page for your domain. Once Google starts crawling your site, visitors will be able to use it to find what they’re looking for on your site. You’ll get paid for clicks on any adsense ads that appear on the results page.
  • Automatically includes Home, and Sitemap links in your navigation bar. Your sitemap is created when you build your site.
  • The SiteMap page on your website lists every page created, in alphabetical order so visitors can find a particular page more easily. A sitemap.xml page is also created. This xml sitemap can be submitted to Google without further modification.
  • 25 links are randomly selected from your sitemap for inclusion in your navigation bar each time a page is loaded - you can change this number if you want
  • Content from RSS feeds appears on all pages making each page dynamic. Content from RSS feeds is related to the keyword for your page. If no content can be found, content for your main keyword is displayed instead
  • OpenGraph metatags are automatically included
  • “Read more...” links that appear below RSS news items and on your (optional) Articles page open stories in a new window. At the top of most windows is a 768x90 Adsense leaderboard ad - an extra opportunity for more ad clicks.

Optional Features:

  • Create 2 or 3-column sites. you have full control over column widths, padding, positioning, colors, fonts, round or square corners, etc. Using the site layout settings you can create an endless variety of site layouts. You can change any setting and have it ripple across your whole site instantly
  • Configure your website’s options at any time
  • The site and pages are search engine optimized
  • Select the primary ad network for your site from: Google Adsense, Chitika eMiniMalls or user-defined ads (put ads for whatever network you want on the site). You can also select a “None” option if you don’t want to display ads on your site
  • Support for Amazon is also built in (for the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany).
  • Have SiteBuilder Elite download articles for your keywords autonatically froma variety of sources
  • Use your own or PLR articles to add unique content to your website
  • Add new, live, pages to your site whenever you want without having to rebuild the whole site. Especially useful for sites that are set to build over time where you want to add a couple of pages immediately to your site rather than waiting for SiteBuilder Elite to get around to adding them
  • Articles can be associated with specific keywords (default) or loaded randomly
  • Have SiteBuilder Elite start your site off small and automatically add new pages to it on a regular basis (like automated blog posting)
  • Text page headers can be transparent or a solid color
  • Use a header image instead of a solid-color header. You can also use a footer image
  • Add a menu below your site header for instant access to specific pages on your site or to external sites
  • Have images from Flickr embedded into articles
  • Select the Yahoo Answers region you want to draw content from. Includes Yahoo US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, Germany and others.
  • Change the order of page elements (such as article, videos, yahoo answers, etc) in the content column to make pages even more unique
  • Edit the content in the Navigation and Ad Bar - you have full control over the content of the Ad Bar (3rd column) in SBE sites.
  • Add categories to your sites (similar to WordPress categories)
  • Have SiteBuilder Elite automatically hyperlink your keywords whenever they appear in articles (helps with SEO), Page interlinking works across categories
  • Include a Google +1 button on your pages
  • A sidebar widget allows your pages to be translated into a wide range of languages
  • Place a banner ad above your page headers, below them or just at the top of the content column
  • Automatically cloak Amazon affiliate links so the links appear to come from your site
  • Include a Contact page (a contact form is included on the page) so visitors can get in touch with you
  • Include a Resources Page (you may need to add some resources but there is a link exchange system built in)
  • Include an Articles page which is created from RSS feeds from article directories (requires the extra 3rd-party CaRP script)
  • Include dynamic intext links from ad networks such as Kontera and Infolinks
  • Cache your pages for faster loading times (not usually necessary)
  • Include a Web 2.0 Video Wall that contains links to videos related to your page’s keyword
  • Add recommended products, an opt-in form or promote anything you want on your pages
  • Easily upload images to your site
  • Google and Yahoo are notified of your updated sitemap whenever new pages are organically added to your site
  • Allow visitors to add comments to your pages
  • Allow visitors to exchange links with your site so you build the number of links pointing to your site
  • Add Social Bookmarking links to your pages. This includes the option of adding a "Digg" widget at the start of articles and including links and icons for several other social bookmarking sites below your articles
  • Rebuild your website whenever you want with the click of a button (e.g. If you’ve added or deleted keywords)
  • Have your sitemaps automatically submitted to Google and Yahoo as soon as they’re built

There are other features too which you'll learn about in this manual.


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