SiteBuilder Elite is no longer available

At the time I created SiteBuilder Elite, WordPress was barely 4 years old and not really fit for building affiliate marketing sites.

As time went by, it became harder and harder for me as a sole developer to compete with the hundreds, and later thousands, of programmers who contributed to the development of WordPress.

Now WordPress is my site builder software of choice due to the enormous number of themes and plugins available for it that allow you to create a site that looks and does exactly what you want.

If you're looking to have a WordPress blog built, I offer a Done-For-You service over at Top Design Blogs.

If you're looking for a course on affiliate marketing and making money blogging, I have no hesitation in recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I'm a member there myself. It's an all-in-one solution offering both an incredibly comprehensive course that's updated constantly as well as a blog-building platform. You can even build 2 blogs for free to test the service out. Fees cover hosting for up to 50 sites.

Another alternative is Solo Build It. Here you also get comprehensive training and a number of tools and strategies to get your blog to rank. You can only build one site on their platform though.

If building Amazon affiliate sites is your goal, then the best store builder is Fresh Store. You can instantly build stores from hundreds of niches or build custom stores. Full training is also provided.

If you're looking to build a different type of site, contact me on Messenger for advice or use this contact form.

I also provide product reviews, advice and news on affiliate marketing at Internet Marketing Strategies and teach about email marketing and list building on my Email List Building Techniques blog.

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If you're on the lookout for discounts, deals and bargains on internet marketing products, check out my Intenrnet Marketing Deals blog.

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Gary Nugent